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Aww So I Just Made Chocolate And I Can't Stop Thinking Of It :/

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Since milk chocolate gives me problem which it never did before I made chocolate from cacao powder coconut oil and white honey and damn I ate 8 squares (ice cube size) and I'm looking at the other 4 and wonder how I'll cope not eating them, I can look at gluten and crave it bad but this is just so hard because I can digest it and it taste so freaking good, how to resist? :/


Before going gluten free, dark chocolate was the one sweet I would always allow myself, having it again create an uncontrollable craving.


It also taste so much better then the dark chocolate I bought and is simply so cheap to make.


Update: Well don't ever try that because I just had nausea going back and forth for 10hours and huge liver cramps, apparently this is what happen when you overeat coconut oil for some people, had to call in sick.

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