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Ttg Iga Tested Again And Again And Again

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I've been seeing a specialist (orthomolecular doctor) who is a bit obsessive about celiac testing. He's not the most educated when it comes to celiac disease (he has never heard of the DGP tests and keeps calling EMA IgA old fashioned for some reason) and he doesn't believe me when I tell him I have been well over 99% gluten-free for over a year but after my last test, he finally said he believes I have been eating gluten-free.  :rolleyes:  I think too many patients lie to their docs and wreck it for the rest of us.  LOL


Anyways, just for fun, these are all of my tTG tests over the last year. All have a reference range of 0-20:


June 2012  -   >200

June 2013  -   34.4

July 2013  -   29.1

August 2013  -   20.9


:D That last one is pretty cool!  My body has pretty much figured out that I have stopped eating gluten so it should stop beating up my intestines for gluten that I ate 14 months ago.  LOL And let the healing begin!


Now I just need my few low vitamins and nutrients to finally start improving. They are stubborn. My vitamin A is the most stubborn. It was firmly staying at the bottom of the normal range so the doc started me on 10 000IU of vit A per day, so my serum vit A decided to drop further. LOL  :blink:  I'm now on 50-75 000 IU of vitamin A per day with the occasional shot of A in the bum. Ouch.


My hypothyroidism feels firmly in control now too, even if my TSH would freak out most doctors.

TSH - 0.01 (range 0.20-6.00) ... impressively suppressed, eh? LOL  :blink:  ;)

Free T3 - 5.6  (3.5-6.5)


I gotta say, I like feeling better.  B)

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