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Test Results--Now Wondering Whether To Pursue Diagnosis!

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Went to the dermatoligist today and got hold of my celiac panel blood tests from September of this year. I can't remember if I was taking topical steroids at the time, but the results are incredibly negative. Nothing even suspicious.  Which makes me wonder if I should look for another reason for the sores that are all over my body and  which coincided with my starting to take Synthroid back in March--and which I had thought were DH.


I had not realized that the test included total IgA, and had been banking on IgA deficiency, which turns out not to be true either.


My results are as follows:


Deamidated Gliadin Abs,   IgG 1 units(0 19)


t-Transglutaminase  (tTG)  IgA < 2 U/mL (0-3)


t-Transglutaminase  (tTG)  IgG < 2 U/mL (0-5)


Endomysial Antibody        IgA Negative


Immunoglobulin A. On, Serum 120    mg/dL 91 - 414.


Dermatologist says can no longer help, since all my results have been negative.


Has anyone else had such negative test results, yet still benefitted from a gluten free diet or pursued a diagnosis from a Celiac center?


Feeling very despondent.



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I take Armour Thyroid, but I did read that you can develop a rash from Synthroid.  Not sure if that's helpful or not!  :lol:


I can tell you that I was diagnosed formally this year, however, my husband has been gluten free for 12 years.  He did so at the advice of his GP and my allergist.  His symptoms have gone away and he feels great except if he gets accidentally glutened.  He refuses to do a gluten challenge.  Why bother?  He knows that gluten makes him sick.  So, going gluten free might be helpful for you.  


Let's hope that someone on the forum who has DH can shed more light on your test results.


In any case, don't give up!  Take care.

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Thanks, CyclingLady. I was inaccurate in my last post. The sores corresponded to my starting Natur-throid(a medication similar to Armour). The doctor thought I might be allergic to it, so a couple of months ago, we switched to Synthroid/Cytomel. The armour/natur-throid/synthroid all have T4, which (i think) is the culprit in triggering DH flares. 


No change in rash/sores with medication switch. Like so many doctors, he knows his own area(hormones), but nothing about DH and its relationship to iodine.


I've looked on line and found nothing 'official' on this either that I can send him. 



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I'd try a gluten free diet, but you must strictly adhere to it and give it six months or so.  If it is DH, it can take much longer to resolve (based on past postings from DH members).  Search the forum for DH advice.  The diet has got to be better than taking drugs that can have long term side effects.


Good luck to you! 


By the way, my husband took about a year going gluten free (a DH rash surely would have inspired him to stick with it more), but in the end he found that gluten did really produce all his symptoms.

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