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Group Letter 2 To Dr. Fine

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So many forum members discuss Dr. Kenneth Fine's EnteroLab on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and a significant percentage have pursued gluten/food sensitivity faecal IgA testing.


Approximately five (5) years ago, members of this forum discussed writing a Group Letter to Dr. Fine


Let me just say that I really admire Dr. Kenneth Fine and his work as a musician and public health educator. I am actually listening to his First DeKade album as I write this.  :lol:


I do have some concerns, however, about his EnteroLab service and would like some answers since his last response. After all, since it has been half a decade since the previous response, a lot may have changed and I feel that we should perhaps consider a second group letter to Dr. Fine just to see where they are at and politely voice our concerns and ask any questions that we may have.


Who's with me?  :)

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I looked on their website after reading this... I haven't really looked into his stuff too heavily as I was already diagnosed when I heard about his offerings.  They have a fairly detailed FAQ and I don't have any questions unanswered after reading that.  I still hold the same opinion of it that I did before reading it.  I don't want to turn this thread into a debate about that, though.


What specific concerns do you have?  I would think that, being a smaller place where you can actually reach people via phone and email, you may get great success in just writing your own letter and letting them know you want to share it with the forum here. 

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Thanks Laura. I might do that, however the concerns I have relate to a number of experiences that members of my family have had. Things like cancer, lyme disease, viral infections, IBS, IBD (e.g. Crohns), and a high FODMAP diet for those with fructose/sorbitol/raffinose malabsorption could be causing elevated faecal antibodies (i.e. false positives). A gluten free diet may not actually benefit the patient if the antibodies to gluten/casein/soy/etc. are simply elevated to another medically recognised condition.


I just thought people on the board might want to do a 5 year follow up letter from the last one. I'll try writing something and see if any of you would like to add anything. How about that? :)

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