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Has anyone else had problems with severe muscle pain and/or spasms in muscles?  I was diagnosed about 3 years ago with celiac disease and it was muscle weakness that lead to a diagnosis as I had severely low ferritin levels.  

Unfortunately my muscle problems keep coming back even though I am totally gluten free. I have mentioned this elsewhere a while back because I also have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My upper back keeps going into spasm and even when it's not in spasm the pain in my back is unbearable. I've been on and off various medications and have given up on doctors as they don't seem to be helping me.  

Also it doesn't take much to make other muscles in my body hurt, I can't carry things, I can bearly manage a small handbag when I go out.  Does it sound like it's anything to do with Celiac disease.  

When I went for my last celiac check up, the doctor told me that I have osteopenia, although I had a DEXA scan the year before and nobody bothered to tell me! My lower spine is degenerating (facet joints) - MRI scan 2005 - and am wondering whether the upper ones are too, which could be putting undue pressure on my muscles.

Any thoughts?

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