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Scott Adams

Celiac.com: Well | When Athletes Go Gluten Free

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This is interesting - I feel like I've been seeing a lot in the news about people going gluten free without a medical reason and thus hurting the rest of us that MUST be gluten free.  

This quote stands out: "41 percent currently were following some type of gluten-free diet, many because they thought it was healthier than their previous eating habits. A majority, however, said that they avoided foods containing gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley, because they thought that they were allergic or overly sensitive to it, although only 13 percent had received a formal medical diagnosis of celiac disease, a serious autoimmune condition, or other gluten-related disorders.

I wish people would stop guessing or doing it for 'fad' reasons, especially since it can hurt those of us who must do it (if only in the 'court of public opinion').

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