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Loved ones with Celiac in nursing home

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Hi there,

I'm writing an article for Gluten-Free Living about the quality of nutritional care that nursing homes are providing (or not!) Celiac residents. I was so moved by Curtiss Ann Matlock's story a few months ago, I thought I'd do a little digging and pitch the topic to a broader audience. That's what I do!

Does anyone out there have a parent or loved one with Celiac Disease that is currently living in a nursing home (or assisted living facility)? If so, would you be willing to talk about whether or not your loved one is receiving gluten-free meals, the challenges in finding a facility that could accommodate a gluten-free diet, etc.?

If you fit this description, send me a note at heatherrjohnson@sbcglobal.net. 

Note that I'm not talking about short hospital stays or short-term rehab facilities. Need to limit this to nursing homes and assisted living.

Thanks so much,


Heather J


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I have dermatitis herpetiformis aka the celiac rash. The rash makes my skin a squirming itch then I become one great big squirming itch. I thought it appropriate.:D

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Hi everyone, I'm still looking for people to talk with for this story. If you or anyone you know has had to place a loved one with Celiac into a nursing home or assisted living, please get in touch. Fortunately, I spoke with one woman who had a very positive outcome when her family had to find a place for her grandmother. They found a small facility that took very good care of her, and even made special gluten-free meals for the whole family when they came to visit for special occasions (Thanksgiving, etc.)

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