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odd sensation in gut question

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I am still going through tests. But does anyone get an odd sensation above the navel and upper quadrant? Not pain, but more like an odd slight squeezing sensation. I also sometimes feel nauseous. But only slightly. I have added neuropathy to my list of weird stuff now. I go through periods during the day where it feels like my body has been hijacked with all sorts of weird sensations. It comes and goes. 

I do not have a gallbladder so it is not that. I was worried perhaps the pancreas, but i feel like I would be in a lot of pain. 

Where do folks feel gut pain and do you always feel pain or other sensations? 

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I used to get a pinching sensation in my stomach (the actual organ).  I don't have a gallbladder either.  I never had any issues with my pancreas but when family members had it, they were usually hospitalized because the pain was so severe.  

Are you back on gluten for testing?  I recall that you tested mildly positive on the DGP IgA test (like me), maybe a negative biopsy (not like me)  and that your brother has celiac disease.  

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Yep that's me. I am not back on gluten. But I have messed up a few times accidentally. I also did not really give up going out to eat. I'm very cautious about what I'm eating, but not aware of cross-contamination issues. I feel so horrible some days, it's really getting me scared. I also still get these tiny little bUrps all the time and now neuropathy in my hands and in one of my legs sometimes even in my face.  I will be seeing a neurologist this week. I did figure if it was something like pancreatitis it would hurt a lot like my gAllstones Did. Ouch! I do get pain in my chest and in what feels like my esophagus it earlier, but back in December the doctor said that all looked ok. This is just a weird sensation above the navel, and I wonder if people can have stuff going on in their lower intestine without actually getting paiN.  also my bowels float all the time now. Not just every once in awhile but every single time for the last several months now.

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