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Gluten Reduced Beers OK for Celiacs?

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Hi guys! I am a fairly newly diagnosed Celiac and am still trying to figure things out. I am having an internal turmoil over whether or not Gluten Removed/Reduced beers (i.e. Omission) are ok. I have read that all types of hard liquor are ok because the distillation process completely removes gluten. Plus, there are obviously the gluten free beers that are not made from gluten-containing grains. However, I did read that the process that tests gluten removal for the Gluten Reduced beers is not entirely accurate. As a Celiac, do you drink the gluten reduced beers? Does it make you sick?

Also, how about Breweries. I am in Colorado and I know Mountain Toad has gluten reduced beers, but can't guarantee cross contamination. Holidaily has completely guaranteed gluten free beers only and is clearly trustworthy. How much of a concern is contamination at a brewery that sells gluten-reduced and regular beers? Thoughts!?!? Thanks. 

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Omission makes me sick.  Not that I wanted it too, I kinda liked it.  But it didn't like me.  I'd avoid  it and all  gluten reduced beers if I were you.  They aren't worth the risk of damage to your body.

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The internet consistently says that one who has been diagnosed should avoid gluten reduced beer until we have a better test. I luckily did not experience any symptoms when i had my first (and second) omission within my first year. There is a decent amount of gluten free beer options that actually doesn't make this to incredibly difficult to swallow.


both Ground Breaker and Ghostfish are awesome gluten free beers based out of the northwest US, they have links to stores that will ship on their websites. shipping isnt cheap but to a former craft beer drinker its worht it. Recommendation: Ghostfish Peak Buster, is a really solid attempt at a double IPA, No sorghum! 


hope this helps,  

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