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Colon Polyps and Gluten Sensitivity

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Hi all, this is mostly a research/curiosity question.  In my perusal of this forum, I've seen several people mention having a colonoscopy in conjunction with celiac testing, and this got me curious.  Do those of you with either celiac disease or non celiac gluten sensitivity tend to have a higher occurrence of colon polyps?  Is there anyone under 50 years of age with gluten issues and colon polyps?  And if so, has living gluten free helped to decrease the number of polyps found in subsequent scopes?

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Hi Fundog

I am a GI endoscopy nurse as well as a celiac.  People with celiac have no higher risk for colon polyps then their non-celiac counterparts.  People with celiac have colonoscopies in conjunction or usually after a positive biposy and blood test because having celiac puts you at a high risk for having microscopic colitis.  You are also at higher risk for other autoimmune diseases including ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease.  For many GI MD a colonoscopy is a next step in the diagnosis process to make sure there are no other GI issues going on.  Hope that answered your question.

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