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Celiac and Crohn's connected?

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Does/has anyone heard of the connection between celiac disease and Crohn's disease? I have recently had a lot of new issues, and am being tested for changes, strictures and the possibility of Crohn's. I didn't realize these two disease could coincide, anyone else run into this? And have some info to offer? 

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I haven't read about a strong link for celiac disease and Crohn's (unlike Hashimoto's or Type 1 Diabetes).  However, they are both autoimmune disorders and many members have two, three, four or more AI issues.  I am sorry that you are dealing with this new issue.  My niece was just diagnosed with Crohn's this week.  I was sure she had celiac disease, but it appears not.  She is now trying to choose the best treatment in conjunction with her doctor.

Just curious, I read that most Crohn's patients are usually diagnosed between 13 and 30.  Is this the case with you?  

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