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Hello gluten free Baker,

The forum rules you agreed to when you signed up for an account don't allow for self-promotion.  So unless you can tell people about your product without promoting it the answer is no.



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8 hours ago, gluten-free Baker said:

OK, I understand. I honestly looked for those rules but didn't find them. 

May I ask though, is asking for opinions promotion? I am sincerely looking for opinions about whether the community would like to see a product like this on the shelf. 

Hi gluten free Baker,

Below are the forum rules.  I agree they are a little hard to find.  Maybe that can be fixed.

I think you are ok to post generally about your product but you can't mention a name for it or post a link to a site about it or a site where it is sold.  Violations of the self-promotion rule are usually given a warning which can lead to banishment if additional infractions occur.

I hope that helps.  Forum rule #2 is the no self-promotion one.

Forum Rules:

  • 1) Do not be abusive or otherwise out of line towards other board members. Show respect for each board member, no matter what you think of their views. This is not a place to quarrel.
  • 2) Do not promote your own business or products, Web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter (or other personal sites) in posts or personal messages--even if they offer free services. The proper place to post personal information is in your profile area here, not in your signature block or in posts. This includes using this board to gather information via surveys, marketing-related questions or other means.
  • 3) Do not spam the boards (i.e., post the same thing in multiple topics or areas of the board to bring more attention to your post), or bump posts up to bring more attention to them (Wikipedia definition of "bumping": Someone wishing to keep a thread on this first page, or bring an old thread back to it will post a reply to it purely to do this).
  • 4) No Trolling. Wikipedia definition of trolling: "In Internet terminology, a troll is often someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy or antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion, including the personal attack of calling others trolls. Often, trolls assume multiple aliases, or sock puppets."
  • 5) Any claims you make here should be based on legitimate sources, or be expressed as opinion, experience, or inquiry. You should remain on topic and be consistent with the theme of the forum as a whole.

Oh yeah, welcome to the forum! :)  And thanks for asking about self-promotion before posting.  Most people don't bother to do that and end up getting warned.

Also, here is a link to the "Terms of use".



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Hi gluten free Baker,

The Terms of Use for the forum can be found under the Browse / Guidelines header on the main forum page.



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