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I have gotten migraines for about 10 years now. I just got diagnosed with celiac about 3 months ago from the doctor. When I stopped eatting gluten, I went through some pretty bad withdrawals for about 2-3 weeks. Although I stopped the withdrawals, I can't seem to feel better. My migraines started getting better, to which I assumed it had to be related (I know lots of research backs this up.) BUT now I'm back to horrible migraines, bad enough for ER visits. I have been very careful with gluten, even hidden gluten. I look at every label and don't eat anything I am unsure of. My question is, does anyone else suffer from migraines? Do you think I'm eatting gluten/cross contamination somewhere? Could it just take awhile for my migraines to clear? Could it be another allergy to a different food? Could it maybe not be connected (seems hard to believe-but possible) I need other migraine sufferers to help me out. Because I feel stuck and a little defeated right now. Please let me know if you have gone through similar circumstances or know someone who did. Maybe give guidance on what might be happening with me.

Thank you! 

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Hi Ming,

You could be getting glutened through cross contamination.  It takes very little gluten to set off an immune system reaction.  It could be you are low (deficient) on certain vitamins and minerals that our bodies need also.  Were you tested for that?

I don't get migraines but people have reported them on the forum before.  There is also something called gluten ataxia that some of us get.  It can affect the brain.  B-12 is a vitamin that is important for nerve health and some celiacs are low on it, as well as vitamin D.  You should at a minimum be taking a multivitamin.

Welcome to the forum Ming!  :)

Please take a look at the search box and see if you can find some other threads talking about migraines.  People have also reported insomnia before.

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