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How long does it take to feel better after I stop eating gluten?

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I have had some symptoms that point to Celiac Disease for some time. I am scheduled to see my doctor in one week about these symptoms that include nausea, heart burn, joint aches, bloating, missed menstrual cycles, and more. 

 So I decided to do a gluten free diet for the week leading up to seeing the doctor so I could tell her if that helped or not. I have been gluten free for 1 1/2 days and still feel no better. In fact, I almost feel a little more nauseous than usual. I know this is early on into eating gluten free so I was just wondering how long it should take to start feeling the positive effects of not eating gluten if I indeed do have an issue with it. 

Any thoughts would be helpful! Thank you!

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My thoughts, you should start eating gluten again right now.  Going off gluten before testing is a good way to end up wasting time and money on testing that is pointless.  The testing for celiac disease is first off blood antibodies to gliaden.   If you aren't eating gluten the tests are not accurate and won't show your actual immune system reaction.  You should not stop eating gluten until all testing is completed, which usually also includes an endoscopy as the 2nd step.

Otherwise you are doing fine and welcome to the forum! :)

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Here is some information  about getting tested for celiac disease from a reliable source: The University of Chicago.  


 It is CRITICAL to be consuming gluten daily until all testing is complete.   Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder like lupus, Crohn's or MS.  Gluten just happens to be the "trigger" for launching an attack on the body (destroys the intestinal lining).  A small gluten exposure can set off a reaction that can last weeks to months.  Healing can take months to YEARS.  So, giving up gluten for a week is pointless in eliminating symptoms. 

It is great that your are researching and learning.  Best to get the test done to know for sure.  



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