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Mmm... Ginger Cookies

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I caved in and bought "store bought cookies". I'm a total food snob, so buying something prepackaged that I can make on my own... I almost feel guilty. :P

I picked up a box of Pamela's cookies. They're gluten-free and tasty! :-) I got the ginger cookies, which were quite good. You can see the other cookies they have at <A href = http://www.pamelasproducts.com/>www.pam...s.com</A>.

They're not the healthiest things in the world - 110 calories a piece, with not too much protein, but at least it's healthy fat. As a treat though... Yummy!

(I also got some nut things, but the "manufactured in a facility that processes wheat" warning worries me... I had some (they were very tasty) and didn't notice a problem.....)

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