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Stress causing twitching

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I'm just interested to know if anyone has managed to find a solution to a problem that is really bugging me.

About six months before my DX (in 2013, where my biopsy showed bad damage to my gut, and also my blood test readings were off the scale), I started to get neuro issues.  Tingling extremities, arms and legs, numb hands and arms on waking, and twitching muscles eyelids and face, and arms and legs.  I started to supplement when I knew that gluten was the problem and bit by bit those symptoms went.  

Thing is - as soon as I get stressed about things in my life the twitching  comes back in my face.  It really annoys me. I used to be able to cope with stress - yes, maybe I got a headache, or a nervous stomach, but now if I'm worried about anything those twitches come back to my face.  At the moment have a close relative who is unwell, a big deadline coming up and a twitch above my temple that started last week after a stressful phone call seems to be setting up permanent residence!

I'd love to be able to walk away from my problems  but realistically I can't. Has anyone else had this problem of stress retriggering celiac nerve problems  and managed to find a solution? I'm upping the supplements again (magnesium, B12, fish oil tablets).  The only thing that helps the twitch is when I go for a long walk but I can't walk all day long! Wish I could!

Thanks so much

And a Happy New Year! 

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