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Just getting started here. Need more help!

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Have not had a diagnosis.  But I need help sorting through my symptoms.  Thanks to cyclinglady and GFinDC for your previous responses.

For those on the forum who have a a Celiac Diagnosis, I have questions about your symptoms prior to diagnosis.  Did your symptoms fluctuate on a daily basis or were they pretty constant?  Did just the act of eating and digestion make them worse, even without ingesting gluten?

My symptoms currently include fatigue, insomnia, burning mouth syndrome, blurry vision, some loose stools and some gas.  The blurry vision and burning mouth are brought on by eating/digestion and continue throughout the day worsened by more eating.  Symptoms continue even as I try to eliminate gluten.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

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I have celiac disease.  From what I have learned through research is that symptoms can wax or wane.  There is no consistency at all.  This applies to me personally.  At the time of my diagnosis, I was just anemic.  I had always been anemic which was attributed to my being a woman and Thalaseemia (genetic anemia), but during an initial consult to the GI for a routine colonoscopy (over 50), he looked at my chart and told me that he thought I had celiac disease.  I was shocked.  I had no intestinal issues.  There was no direct correlation of symptoms when I consumed gluten.  Many people have no symptoms at all!  

Since then I have been glutened twice.  Symptoms have drastically changed.  Now I get intestinal issues.  The first time severe and the second not so severe.  In both cases, I have no idea what caused the glutening, but my current GI did measure my antibodies and they were again elevated.  Those symptoms took three months to resolve.  

The best thing is to ask your MD to give order a celiac blood test, but you have to be eating gluten daily for the tests to work.  Go gluten free?  I would NOT recommend it until you have been tested.  

I wish you well.  


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