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Celiac with breast implants

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Hello everyone,

i was wondering how many of you ladies have breast implants, and if you have had celiac before or after you got the implants.

My aunt is also a celiac and had textured implants 10 years ago, and was diagnosed with celiac a few years ago, but she had celiac probably for 20 years and was never properly diagnosed. She has been having some problem with the implans lately.

Anyone with breast implants ? Have they caused any problems ?



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I had implants in 2003 and started getting symptoms in 2005. I've found postings about "breast implant illness"  and one symptom is digestive and stomach diseases. The implant is a foreign object I believe that's where the cells become confused and the autoimmune diseases begin. Once you have one autoimmune diseases you're subject to others. I've been diagnosed with many, spent ten of thousands of dollars on doctors, emergency room visits, testing and prescriptions. I saw a rheumatologist last week, he took nine tubes of blood and is testing for many things. I'm praying that he can help me. So if you continue to get sick or get new symptoms, I would suggest going to a rheumatologist first. 

p.s. I asked him the same question, he said that he's been asked that many times but there is no proof that it's related. 

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