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Does DH ever have a "head"?

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I have a red bump that I assumed was DH on my left temple. I have no idea how I got glutened -- I am extremely careful about what I eat, and when I'm not eating unprocessed meat/veggies/fruit that I prepare myself I am careful to pick items that are certified gluten free. (These latter items are quite limited. Basically some Bob's Red Mill millett, Only Oats gluten free oatmeal, and a couple other things.)

Noticed today that the bump on my left temple appears to be forming a head. My understanding was that DH didn't do this.

I'm wondering if this happens to be something other than DH, and just happens to be appearing in a place that I used to get DH. I have dry skin, and the family has a history of eczema, rosacea, and other skin conditions. As I mentioned above, I have no idea how I would have been glutened due to my strict diet. I also haven't experienced the other symptoms that I used to experience when I got glutened. (I have been on Dapsone for a while, but have been weaning myself off of it for the past year or so, and really only use it if I have what I think is a DH bump appearing.)

So frustrating! I'd attach a photo of my current bump but the camera on my smartphone isn't working.

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