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Folate Deficiency? b12 deficiency? Hypothyroid? looking for some answers

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Hi Guys,

I'm just looking for some insight. I was diagnosed celiac in August. I also had B12 deficiency which was treated with injections. I was symptomatic B12 deficient with tingling and pins/needs and the occasional numbness, tired, foggy. Things improved on that front after the injections and fast forward to about 2 weeks ago and the tingling started again and I started to have bouts of fatigue. I had some blood work done yesterday thinking by B12 was low again, but the results have come back in the normal range (though they have fallen significantly since I was last tested 9 months ago, despite oral supplementation, and at the rate they fell I will probably be deficient again in 6 or so months). At the same time of my original B12 test I was tested for Hypothyroid and the TSH level was 4.2 (by our standard in BC 5.03 is considered high) and then yesterday it was 4.7. BC labs wont test T3 and T4 even if its ordered unless its indicated by an out of range TSH, though they store the sample for 7 days... Basically I'm just looking for an answer as to what may be causing these nerve issues/tiredness... I'm wondering if it could still be a b12 deficiency despite normal levels, another b vitamin deficiency (the only one they test for here is B12, I can't get a folate of vitamin E test) or perhaps if maybe I do have Hypothyroidism despite the TSH being "normal" although 4.7 seems pretty high to me... any thoughts or experience sharing would be great! I should also add that my TTG IGA was negative on my blood work this time so I know I am managing my gluten free diet well. 

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1 minute ago, trents said:

I believe folate supplementation can mask B12 deficiency.

Have you had your hemoglobin and ferritin levels checked?

Yes, these were checked yesterday and both are within normal range. I haven't been supplementing with folate, I have just been taking sublingual B12 (1000mg daily), but I've just picked up a B Complex vitamin and started taking that today. 

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I also take a B complex with vitamin C, as well as vitamins D and E. I also had issues with tingling and numbness in my feet, and it wasn't until I began taking Benfotiamine (a lab-made version of vitamin B1, also called thiamine), as wells as Magnesium Citrate, that my neuropathy issues have improved (over 25 years after going gluten-free, and taking multiple vitamins/mineral supplements).

These articles are older, but still helpful:



Scott Adams

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