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Brain Fog?!

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okay, so I have to finish up planning for VBS, and my brain fog (while getting better) is still here, how do I get rid of it?

I was used to it before, but now that I am feeling better otherwise, it seems to be more annoying. I have been screwing up stuff all day, like at lunch I was getting a refill for my youngest and accidentally poured the juice in her bowl of chili instead of in her cup?! It's like I woke up stupid today.

Does anyone have a quick fix for my fuzzy mind? I only really need to function at 90% for about 1 hour, right now I feel like I am functioning at 4% maybe 3%

I have energy, it's just like my brain doesn't work, I can't concentrate. I keep screwing up stuff, I forgot how to spell my last name, I lost my reading glasses for 30 minutes only to find them on my head, I broke my mechanical pencil trying to fix it, and then found out it was just out of lead (something I normally would have tried to check first)

sorry if there are any spelling errors it's like my brain shut down.

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Yes, I agree with the B's. For about 6 months, I took, in addition to my multi, B6 and sublingual B12. It's better, but I don't know if I'll ever be completely rid of it. This is one symptom where you really have to give it a lot of time.

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