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Hi Everyone! I hope you all can give me some more insight.

Here's my recent strory...

Around Thanksgiving I ended up at the Dr. because I woke up one day with the feeling that something was stuck in my throat and at the top of my stomach. I was put on reflux medicine and tested for gallblader and Pylori (sp??). Both came back negative.

After Christmas I was sent for an upper GI which showed MILD reflux. I practically laughed at my doctor, because to me this was not mild. He switched my medicine to Zantac and referred me to a GI specialist. The Zantac helped to the point I took myself off of it last week. The feeling has not come back, but, I have had some mild indigestion with sauce and such.

OK, well I went to the GI yesterday. She asked a lot of questions. I did tell her I self-diagonsed myself with IBS a few years ago because I have recurrent episodes of constipation, gas, and diaherra. I also have periods of normalcy.

I was also told her I was at the Hospital this past Monday with pain in my side. They thought it could have been my appendix or ovarian cysts. Both negative. They said maybe it was gas. I was very embarresed. Anyway, the GI asked if I've ever been tested for Cyliac and I said no. She wants to run an endoscopy on me to rule out an ulcer, pylori, and maybe cyliac.

Anyway, I came home and called my Mom and talked to her about it. She called me an hour later, she had just opened her new magazine and there was an article about cyliac disease. She read me the sysmtoms which lead me here.

I seem to have a lot of the symtoms, including headaches. But, I do have times when I'm fine.

Anyway, have any thoughts???

I'm not sure if any of the blood tests I've had have checked for cyliac. Also, I was going to cancel my endoscopy because I am tired and embarrassed of testing for nothing. But, after reading all about this, I'm not so sure.


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All of your symptoms could be celiac disease. You should have the celiac disease blood panel, as well as the endoscopy. And then, even if they come back negative, it would be good to give the gluten-free diet a try. Because there are many people who don't have celiac disease, but gluten intolerance, which can be just as bad.

Anyway, one step at a time. You're moving in the right direction by starting with testing for celiac disease. Unfortunately, it still takes an average of 11 years to be properly diagnosed with celiac disease if you have it. You'll get 'diagnoses' of IBS, depression, reflux, GERD, fibromyalgia and many others, before most doctors even think of gluten as the cause for all your troubles.

Good for your GI to mention celiac disease right away, she sounds like a good doctor. Stick with her, and please do yourself a favour and do the tests. You may have found your answer, and might finally be on your way to getting well.

I am a German citizen, married to a Canadian 29 years, four daughters, one son, seven granddaughters and four grandsons, with one more grandchild on the way in July 2009.

Intolerant to all lectins (including gluten), nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) and salicylates.

Asperger Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, Addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency), hypothyroidism, fatigue syndrome, asthma


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You should have the celiac disease blood panel, as well as the endoscopy.

I have an un-educated question - Is the celiac disease blood panel different than a standard blood panel. I know Iv'e had two blood test recently that checked a whole battery of levels, like white blood count, but, I'm not sure about celiac... I will call my Dr. on Monday if need be.

Thanks for your quick response.

Also, the endoscopy will be able to test for celiac by seeing the duodenum?

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The celiac blood panel is different from other panels. It has to be ordered specifically. The endoscopy will allow the doc to see any ulcers or unusualness in your small intestine. Hopefully, the doc will look at the lining and take samples from inflamed/unusual-looking areas. Your symptoms are similar to what mine were, except I did not have reflux. After being glutenfree for 7 months, I still had enough damage that my doc could see it before he took samples. Follow through with the endoscopy. If it is determined that you just have painful gas, you can at least rest assured knowing that it will pass.


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you." Numbers 6:24-25

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Welcome poohbeck

I hope you get the answers you need. You for sure should have the celiac blood panel done and remember to not change your diet untill testing is done or you could get the wrong results. My doctor told me to eat like I always have eaten, no fasting or anything.

My doctor said that my numbers were so high that she was sure I had celiacs disease. She never did an endoscopy. After being gluten free and blood panel again three months better my numbers were great.

I haven't had a migraine since Aug of 2006 and gluten free. It's all related somehow.

I'm glad you have a doctor that knows about celiac. Hope you feel better. ;)

You will learn alot on this board. :rolleyes:

Diagnosed Celiac Sprue Disease August, 02, 2006

Blood test, No Biopsy

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IgG 56

(tTG) IgA 25 now 2

(tTG) IgG 1 now 1

now border line low iron 10

Gluten Free since August, 02, 2007

Diagnosed with Osteoporosis November 2006

As of Jan 2007 all numbers looking good

As of Feb 2007 no more Pork, having Allergic reactions

Lactose Intolerence

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