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Stomache Bloating/gas Daily

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When I made my own gluten-free pies after being gluten-free with celiac disease for a month I had bad gas and diarrhea. I told my GI and he said it was because my intestines were too damaged to absorb fats. I find if I eat too many fats I get gas. Has anyone gone gluten-free for months and then had another biopsy, found out their small intestine is fine but still experienced bloating? I have used Pepto Bismal successfully when my bloating is bad at night. ;)

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I could not absorb fats very well at all before I started taking digestive enzymes. I agree with your GI that your damaged intestines weren't absorbing fats. I take 'Udo's Choice' enzyme blend of 10 digestive enzymes and 'Ethical Nutrients' Intestinal Care DF (dairy free) probiotics. Both those supplements are gluten-free/DF/SF, because I must avoid all those. Before I started taking the digestive enzymes I had a LOT of obvious fecal fat (steaotorrhea). However, when I did the Enterolab tests (while taking those enzymes) their malabsorption test showed NO fecal fat. The 'steatorrhea' also disappeared after eliminating gluten/dairy/soy. I suspect the fecal fat meant I was not digesting fats before I used the enzymes and went gluten-free/df/sf. I can now eat fatty meats and fish (salmon, sausages, dark meat chicken, pork and beef) for the first time in my life without indigestion. :D


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I, likewise, still looked about four months pregnant even after 9 months gluten-free. Eating anything triggered major bloating. I decided to take a supplement called SeaCure (pure hydrolyzed whitefish protein, gluten-free per manufacturer) for one month, and now the only time I bloat is for a few days after a gluten "accident." SeaCure was developed as a gut-healing supplement; it reportedly provides the amino acids most important for damage repair in an easily utilized form (pre-digested, so effectiveness doesn't depend on the body's ability to produce the appropriate enzymes).

I figured it couldn't hurt (it's just fish, and I'm not allergic), it might help, and it costs about $1.00 a day--which I decided was reasonable for a one-month supply, especially since so many people spend more than that on their daily coffee fix!

I hope this information is helpful!


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Burdee... I reread your post at the top of this page when I came back to this thread and wondered, with all the things you've been developing sensitivities to, have you tried doing a rotation diet - where you don't eat the same thing two days in a row?

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Tiffany: Actually, I only have been diagnosed with gluten and dairy antibodies/intolerances, but I reacted VERY badly to soy. I suspect my current sensitivity to acidic stuff (citrus, tomatoes, mustard, acidic berries, etc.) is just a healing thing. I don't have ANY problems with eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, corn, fish ... lemmesee, did I omit any of the other major ones, besides my obvious intolerances (gluten/dairy/soy) and maybe citrus? Here's what I normally eat:

Breakfast: Adams peanut butter and Cascadia Farms Fruit spread on gluten-free bread plus some kind of nonacidic fruit with herbal tea; occasionally hard boiled egg salad with sf mayo, celery and nuts, or Jennie O turkey ham with fruit;

Lunch: gluten-free bread sandwich or corn tortilla wrap with turkey, lettuce or avocado, soyfree mayo, occasional omlettes with vegies; occasional Oscar Meyer braunschweiger or olive oil sardines on rice cakes; plus fruit and herbal tea;

Dinner: some kind of meat, fish or chicken with vegies (sometimes stirfried); lentil or pea soup; salad with fish or chicken and vegies with Annie's dressings; (more pasta/meat/vegie dishes in the winter);

Desserts/Sweets/other beverages: Dreyer's Mango sorbet, cookies from a gluten-free cooky mix or other gluten-free/DF/SF cookies; Wrigley's gum; Diet 7up or Sierra mist; occasional glass of nonalcoholic or regular wine.

I feel GREAT when I can successfully avoid gluten/dairy/soy, but avoiding all 3 of those ingredients seems challenging enough right now without trying to 'rotate'. ;) Perhaps I'm naturally 'rotating' because I get really bored with the same things every day, so I do vary most of the menus. :)


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My gluten symptons are gone for the most part except for the gas and slight bloating <_< i have also given up milk and most dairy. I have gas after eating ANYTHING!! I am not sure if the gas even has anything to do w/ my gluten intolerence. But i may try the enzymes. The advice in this thread has been very helpful!! :)

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For those of you who have eliminated gluten, dairy, soy and other obvious allergies/intolerances, I would recommend you consider SORBITOL or related artificial sweeteners mannitol and xylitol. I have always reacted to sorbitol with cramps, bloating, gas, etc., but I didn't realize mannitol and xylitol also bothered me until recently. I discovered mannitol in Wrigley's Big Red (cinnamon) gum and sorbitol in Tom's of Maine Wintergreen (whitening) toothpaste. I recall that Tom's of Maine toothpastes USED to be sorbitol free (unlike Colgate, Crest, and other gluten-free toothpastes). However, now the only sorbitol free T of M toothpaste is their kids' strawberry flavor. So, if you're still having symptoms, check anything which might use artificial sweeteners like sorbitol, mannitol, etc., and try eliminating those. That REALLY helped me. I have NO symptoms today for the first time in 6 months!! :D


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    Thank you for all of the suggestions and information.  I will see a lot of the symptoms that I have that I didn't mention listed caused by lack of certain enzymes.  I have blood tests every 3 months. That is when I noticed my cholesterol, etc. not in check.  I eat too many carbohydrates because it causes less diarrhea than a lot of vegetables.  But in talking to 3 of my sisters they are already on medication for the problem.   One has Celiacs the other has Sjorgrens which I also have.  I'm conce
    For the fog and memory, it can be many things, the brain requires certain ratios and amounts of fat to function, it also requires b-vitamins the full spectrum among other amino acids, minerals and vitamins, nerve functions require magnesium, potassium and other things to fire right.  Celiac can hamper the ability to break down and absorb nutrients, digestive issues and enzymes can further complicate this, and trying to eat the right ratios of foods. I supplement with Liquid Health Mega B-compl
    I am interested in your comments about losing your memory.  I have Celiacs and IBS, etc.   Very difficult to eat a healthy diet.  One goes against the other.  The past year I have noticed a marked difference in my memory and was very concerned about it because my mother had Alzheimer's.  I had a brain scan but that is not the problem at least it doesn't show up on the MRI.  All of my blood enzymes are way out of line for my size and I'm thinking it's the diet and inability to do extensive exerci
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