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Another One In My Family

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Today my husband was working and he seen my cousin(who is a nurse), and she asked how i was. And my hubby was like ok considering, and she was like well what do you mean, and he goes she was just diagnosed as celiac. And she is like well that is the same with Gracie, she cant have wheat either. Gracie is my aunt, the sister of the ones that were just diagnosed with stomach and thyroid cancer. And she is like my little cousin is lactose intolerant.

This is just so weird, i wish my family was closer and would talk about their medical problems. I now for sure it came from my moms side of the family. My mom is still in denial, she says she wont change how she eats, which frustrates me. But she bought me tons of gluten free food. I kept trying to tell her to take some home and try it.


gluten, casein and soy free

on low carb/low sugar diet

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My family is the same way. Nobody talks to each other. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if I found out that celiac was a known problem in my family for decades that nobody mentioned.

But, to be honest this disease really is isolating and humilitating in some respects. Then there's the psychological symptoms and mood changes that are often associated with celiac. There are things that people don't talk about to anyone. I think that families isolating from each other is part of what years of undiagnosed celiac takes from all of us.


The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

~Chinese Proverb

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I found out a couple weeks after my elimination diet (confirming a problem with gluten) that my Uncle Jack (Father

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Dear Paula,

My family is just like everyone else's on this forum. They are in complete denial. I would not care if their denial did not make me sick! I have been getting glutened like once a week for the past couple of months. The parental units have had bowel problems for years, and so has my brother. None of them will give up pastries or fast food.




Strawberry Allergy, mold allergy, dustmites allergy, ragweed allergy, dust allergy, food dye allergy - 1985

Asthma - 1994

Ovarian Cyst - May 1999

Anemia - 2000

4 More Ovarian Cysts - March 2000

Bloodwork for Celiac - November 2000 negative

Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Intercolisis, Gastric Emptying Study - May and June 2001 negative biopsy

Fibromyalgia - June 2001

IBS - June 2001

Gallbladder Removal - July 28, 2003 after doctor said the tests showed nothing, so it was not gallbladder disease. It was very inflamed and irritated and nearly ruptured the surgeon told me at my 10 day post-op check-up.

Thyroid Disease - August 2004

Celiac Disease - March 2007 Current Dr. refers to me as Celiac, as she says blood tests are often inaccurate.

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