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I Know I'm Getting Better When:

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I know I'm getting better when:

1) I can go for my early morning walks without having to go to the loo to do number 2's first.

2) There are more days in a month without diarhoea.

3) I feel more socialable and have pleasure and fun in talking to most people I meet through the course of the day, instead of just the usual few who I feel close to.

4) My sense of humour has come back.

5) My son doesn't always ask me if I am okay anymore. It used to be a weekly occurance for 18 year old to ask of my health pre-diagnosis. I must've looked awful!

6) The random spots are getting less random. But I must've slipped somewhere as I am a little spotty right now. (A sign of not getting old, still a teenager? I wish!)

7) I can sleep right through the night. Except for tonight as it is 3.30am.

8) I am not ravenous anymore.

9) The one thing I don't like about getting better, is the fact that I have to watch everything I eat calorie wise, as it goes straight to the hip.


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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

I'm new to this but already lots of changes. Here are the most obvious.

1. Getting up at 5:45 and working out for an hour makes me feel BETTER

2. If I have to correct the kids I correct them without the little voice in my head saying they are bad and I am a bad mom and if I would just get my act together.....bla, bla, bla

3. I can go to the grocery for a quick trip without a list!!!

4. My pants fit the same everyday!

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I've only been gluten-free since March 1 but I started a list of all the postive changes i've been noticing so i can remind myself of the benefits of sticking to the gluten-free diet all the time some of those are:

1) feeling what feeling normal is for the first time ever

2) my mother told me that my skin looks fantastic after suffering through years of bad acne and mom tips on how to control it better (hello!)

3) spending 5 minutes once a day on the potty instead of 30 mins. twice a day

4) not having a "pregnant" belly at the end of every day

5) really appreciating the really good days when they come along because i feel like i could conquer the world and using the bad days to recoup and take it easy on myself

6) realizing the bad days are teaching me what my body doesn't like

7) not clearing out the family room during our fav. prime time shows with my gas :ph34r:

8) not losing a massive chunk of hair in the shower every day

9) my anxiety and agoraphobia is disappearing

10) no more night sweats!

wow! i could list more. thanks for the thread. it always helps to remind myself just how much better i am even when i'm not 100%!

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease February 2007

Finally feeling better than ever!

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