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If I remember correctly, Dannon will not guarantee any of their yogurt as gluten free. Yoplait makes a Yo-+ and I believe most of theirs is safe.

Robin from Indiana

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I noticed u mentioned MS?

Could u explain why .......We have a Celiac Sprue 17 year old son,hubby,I,and 2 other son's which all show signs :(

But the reason I ask about MS his brother (hubby's) was DXD about 10 years ago and us having celiac disease could this be his reason too?

My mother-in-law and mostly all of his side kinda think I'm nuts when I say they r culprits too, and in September I will be able to say well I told ya so :P (Hubby's gene testing)

Hubby quit smoking about 6 years ago when this awful D showed it true colors, he always has the DH just was told it was exzema lol

I too have the DH and the boys :(

Thanks for the info u can supply !


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My best hopes for your brother and his most challenging condition. The MS connection is only at best an insightful layman's theory and has only a few medical studies to suggest a causal link. There is a study which indicated a correlation of leaky gut syndrome to MS. Celiac wreaks havoc on the gut causing bleeding, inflammation and leaky gut. Here's the deeper concept. In all auto-immune disease the body attacks and strips away proteins - the myelin sheth in the nerves of MS sufferers. Perhaps these (in my guess) inappropriate plant proteins from wheat are not actually appropriate for the body - like putting leaded gas in an unleaded car.

History suggests that wheat proteins have only been consumed for only the last 4000 years having been developed in Mesopotamia then Egypt as slave food. 4000 years (1500 in N. Europe) is but one 500th of the time in which recognisable humans have hunted and gathered food on the earth. We were raised on meat and ready vegetables (which don't need cooking.) Grass seeds must be cropped and cooked to be made edible termed the Neolythic era. Corn, beans and potatoes are New World foods (from the americas) and little adaptation has occured to them as well. Anyways the thought is that these proteins mimic meat proteins and are used by the body but poorly. We celiacs have the sensitivity and recognise them in the gut and nearly ruin ourselves to get it out. In other people the "bad" proteins reach other places in the body and are stripped out by our immune systems. I can't think of other auto-immune diseases but this theory explains alot.


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Following that I am also going to follow the advise of the members here and go gluten / dairy free for a few months to see if things improve if not then I don't know what to do after that but I am hopeful so wish me luck I am sure I will need it.

Finally I just wanted to repeat the question I asked before about the yogurt which is I have heard that yogurt can actually heal the intestines and some of it can actually keep you regular (ie. dannon activia) but since it's a dairy product would that do more harm then good or is yogurt the exception the dairy free rule ?

Hi Mike,

I think you have a good plan, and it is certainly not going to hurt you to go gluten free!

Yes, yogurt would contain milk proteins. What you could do if you are taking the yogurt to benefit the intestine is to take a good probiotic. You can find those milk free. Many of us find them beneficial, though you might have to try different brands and different amounts (strengths) to see what works.

4/2007 Positive IGA, TTG Enterolab results, with severe malabsorption: Two DQ2 celiac genes--highest possible risk.

gluten-free since 4/22/07; SF since 7/07; 3/08 & 7/08 high sugar levels in stool (i.e. cannot break down carbs) digestive enzymes for carbs didn't help; 7/18/08 started SCD as prescribed by my physician (MD).

10/2000 dx LYME disease; 2008 clinical dx CELIAC; Other: hypothyroid, allergies, dupuytrens, high mercury levels

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There is more & more information on MS and the gluten free diet, there used to be some threads on this in the brain talk forum with links to articles, it is a little complicated but celiac or gluten intolerance or whatever you want to call the ill effects of eating gluten, does & can cause lesions on the spine and the brain that are or resemble MS lesions, & people that have been diagnosed MS have gone on the diet & have been "cured" of MS & are trying to get the word out to the MS community.

I just read this the other day about some research concerning the proteins in the body and the way things attach to them like drugs and natural processes of the body (sorry I am just not a medical person) they have discovered that the way the protein jiggles affects this process ie how a drug would attach to the protein etc. This has never been seen because they used 3D or something, anyone it seems to be a teeny tiny little piece that might prove worthwhile to the scientific community.

Now sorta back to the main thread, I hope that you try the gluten free & dairy free trial and see how it works for you. I personally would skip the yogurt. I think that sometimes if you just get rid of the "poison" that your natural systems will kick in, if that is not the case with you then you could look into a non dairy probiotic, I personally do not take them, but then again I have been mostly wheat free for 13 years (the last 3 gluten-free) & Barley & oat free for 35 years...

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