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Allergies And Reactions, Help!

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My 3 yr old is like Jekyl and Hyde. If i feed her something she can't handle she pees in her pants and is mean to her younger sister and irritable and sad and cries about nothing or if you do something small it will set her off screaming and it's just so terrible.

So after over a year of being gluten free and finding out what else is bothering her I finally feel like we might have no more problems. But I'm tired of plain food and wish I could just eat and feed my whole family whatever without thinking about it. Plus all my adult friends think I'm crazy and it's just that she is 3, no one seems to want to believe that food can affect behavior.

So she is not eating







orange or any citrus

no meat

sugar, cane juice (seems to be related to corn somehow)

and buckwheat

Has anyone done this for a long time and found these other allergies not gluten go away as the gut heals.

She eats rice cakes, beans, and more rice

quinoa with sundried tomatoes

hemp seeds

really likes the hemp milk

maple syrup

vegetable soup

rice pasta


fruit smoothies with nuts

these crackers we make out of flax seeds, sunflower seeds, onion, and salt dehydrated.

I try to sneak in B12 while she is napping cause mine was low.

Anyone have any other idea of what else I could feed her or kind words instead of your crazy?

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Guest j_mommy

YOUR NOT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! :D

It is possible that food does that to her!!!! I used to get grumy and over-emotional when I ate Gluten(ofcourse didn't correlate it then and it happens when I get CC'd)

I can't help in the food dept but I do think that food causes those kinds of reactions!!!!

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My friend's son was alergic to wheat, dairy, egg, peanut, and something else - might have been soy. They did extensive testing when he was three (originally thought he had Celiac). He's now 7 and the only alergy left is peanut.

She gave me a cookbook when my daughter was diagnosed called The Food Allergy News Cookbook (from the Food Allergy Network) that has a lot of recipes that would get you most of the way there - then you may be able to make some minor substitutions for sugar and such . .. I checked their website, they've got a much newer book than the one she gave me.


It might be worth looking around the website to get a little insight.

Also, people have written about sunflower seed butter as a substitute for peanut butter - I haven't seen it but I've never looked for it either so I don't know how hard it is to find.


Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted.


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You are most definately NOT CRAZY! :P

My 11yo daughter reacts to less food than yours but has definate reactions which I am just now getting a grip on. She has been gluten-free for nearly a year and now after eliminating gluten I can finally see what it is she is also having trouble with.

We have just been to a cafe that serves wonderful gluten-free food and she had a chocolate almond torte for dessert. She is well and truly reacting by pitching fits, telling me and her sister she hates us and generally being very emotional. I am now 100% certain she reacts to chocolate and by tomorrow she more than likely will have brain fog, be very lethargic and also have really bad acne. She also reacts this way to sugar and beef and rich tomato sauces. :wacko:

For what it's worth, I think it sounds like your daughter has a tremendous diet and it is great you can sneak in the B12.

Me - gluten-free since August 2006. Very positive dietary response reinforced by gluten challenge.

11 yo daughter - Positive blood results August 2006.

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That list is not too bad & yes she will probably be able to eat some of those foods later on.

when I was eating gluten and 24 years old, I had some allergy tests run on myself & my infant very ill son.

Here is what I was allergic to: (I have double DQ1 genes)

all citrus, tomatoes, peaches, potatoes, green peas, split peas, pork, beef, mushrooms, corn, cod fish, oats, barley, tea, coffee, sodas, black pepper, peanuts, dairy, soy, and a few other things that I cannot remember. Talk about reading labels!!!

I never ate oats or barley after that & was wheat free mostly, for 10 years & then I went gluten free 3 years ago. I am 60 now !!!

Now I can eat peanut butter but not canned peanuts (I know this is weird), I also can now eat oranges, lemons & pineapple, lots of tomatoes, pork & corn plus I do not have any new food allergies well except that I cannot eat any of the "replacement" gluten-free grains. I am very happy to be eating these things & really have no problem with my gluten-free/DF diet. Sometimes I will have a potato but mostly I am happy with sweet potatoes.

I lived on almond butter for awhile. I used to get mine at whole foods.

For rice I used to brown an onion and some garlic in olive oil, add some chopped celery & saute & then pour in the cooked rice, add any chopped meat or a can of tuna, I would eat this with a green vegetable, & a baked sweet potato. I always ate this whenever I got sick (before I knew about gluten or wheat in soy sauce!)

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