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Possible Sports Hernia?

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Recently I have became physicly active again. Started to do alot of skateboarding and biking all over town everyday. three days ago I skated my board up a huge huge hill the whole way up (takes alot of exertion to ride a board uphill).. anyways these are to me leading up to what i think may be a sports hernia really not sure could just be nothing at all but when i googled what happend it was really the only thing i could find. Anyways i came home from work tonight after riding my bike home, got up the stairs came inside and had a 3xcough like 3 coughs really fast and hard in a row (recentlly stopped smoking cigs all the working out is doing a number on my lungs) well when i did this i did not turn my head like i normally do and next thing i know i feel this sharp shooting pain coming from my testicle region (deep in there though not the scrotum) like it was a really really sharp pain made me stop dead in my tracks and it felt like something was going to tear, stopped moving and after like 40 seconds the pain went away and i could get my boys back (one shot up really far) and then nothing no more pain or anything. This is not the first time this has happend but the last time was like 4 years ago. I was thinking maybe a sports hernia but any other suggestions? not one to self dianose, but unless someone thinks it could acually be something seriuse I really dont want to shell out the money to go to a doctor (dont really have the money). anyways sorry about the spelling errors its 3am and also yeah sorry if this topic is not ok was not sure where to post it and also sorry for anyone that read this and had to read things they never wanted to read

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