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Newbie And Heading To The Grocer-need Staple Suggestions

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My breastfed baby is sensitive to gluten (mad eczema) and corn.

Skin prick positive to egg.

So, I'm headed to the store to get some basics with which to bake.

I know nothing. I need xanthum gum, right? What else?!

Remember, I'm just starting out, so just basics until I can start researching a gluten-free diet.

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Guest j_mommy

I would stick with basic,easy and naturally gluten-free until you get to know the diet...things like fresh meat,veggies, fruit ect.

You need xanthan gum IF you are going to be baking...bread,cookies ect.


I took the above list with me every time I went grocery shoppping for awhile so I didn't pull my hair out over ingredients!

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I would stick to:

fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and veggies

Hormell Chili (or make your own. Let me know if you want my recipe)

peanut butter (to dip fruit in for breakfast)

plain yogurt (flavor with brown sugar and raisins. I believe Yoplait may label theirs as gluten free)


plain meats and fish

McCormick seasonings

rice-- very easy to cook

If you need any recipes or meal ideas, let me know. I rarely eat eggs and most of my recipes are corn free as well.

Symptoms on and off my whole life

Major symptoms starting 2005

Zero blood antibodies

Gluten free with positive dietary response since April 2007

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