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Don't Forget That Autoimmune Diseases Run In Packs

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My mom was just diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. We don't yet know what organs it's affecting; she hasn't had any testing yet. (It was diagnosed from a biopsy of a growth on her leg.)

I guess I just wanted to put out a general reminder that when one autoimmune disease is present, there is a somewhat higher chance of developing another.

I've been looking around for a good website and message forum, and have yet to find anything that measures up to this one in organization and activity. Has anyone come across anything?

Also, anyone who has experience with, or has done any reading on Sarcoidosis, please feel free to share what you know!



--Son, Lucas, age 7. Gluten-free since May 2007

--Son, Ezra, age 5. Gluten-free 10/13/07. Bipolar tendencies, massively improved on gluten-free diet! He's also allergic to a jillion antibiotics.

--My mother has Celiac Disease, dx'ed by Positive Blood Tests and Biopsy. Diagnosed Sarcoidosis 6/08.

--Myself, Gluten-free since 8/07

Time heals all hurt of heart... but time must be won.

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