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I Think I Have Dh..think I Possibly Always Have

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Hello..I feel so stupid..not even thought of it before..

I came on here over a year ago as ive had bad gastro probs, which never showed on blood test as celiac.

I accidently got on the diet as was doing candida diet, experienced problems with ryvita so when i heard about celiac was sent for testing. Was on thediet for 7 months withur ryvita, had to go back to eating for biopsy and followed a low carb diet and have always wondered if I may be had healed my to much on the diet, for a small amount of gluten!!

At the very begining I had a thick herpes looking rash at the base of my spine, about teh size of my hand but I do suffer from herpes and just thought it was that.

I have distention of my belly, impacted feaces, hung overfeeling, muscle weakness / wasting facial droop, crepe paper looking skin (at 32yrs) tmj, muscle spasum for a year in my neck Wry neck, fatigue, constant weeing, saggy skin on of a sudden..lots more..

After I had the biopsy and they said no i was told to eat again so I did got ill of course sokept thinking it was the candida not celiac, so sometimes had things with gluten in.

I had a further 2 tests by blood which were negative.

Ive recently started getting these small patches on my skin one on my chest, bottom and leg but not both sides??/

Ive looked at photos and it does look like it - it is itchy aswell sort of looks likea cross between exma and herpes..

Can you have DH just on one side of the body thought it mirrored the other side from what Ive read ...

So, Iam going to ask the doctor on Tuesday just seems a bit weird!!

I keep trying the diet and have to do candida diet aswell but I still have other symptoms, which I am having my hormones tested for on tuesday..

I get big puffy face, constipated, bad fatigue / brain fog, cold, also heat intolerance sweat all over my body in the heat, constant weeing as soon as I drink water and the palms of my hands frequently shrivel uplike ive been in the bath for hours and then dry out and then finley faky skin ...feels horrible and my skin feels so fragile..


I also seem to get hyper symptoms nervous energy where I run around doing thing but dont do anything properly, anxiety, talk a bit weird things come out funny, thin skin, muscle weakness, cant relax, rls, TMJ..and other stuff ..

Last year I had a mad attack where my heart was pounding, my skin was all clamy, headache, face weakness, neck wry, arm and leg weakness, frequent dioreah..it was the next night after taking prozac..which i have stopped the same weekend. I went a bit manic,was shaking all thetime and dropping things for about two weeks after..

It wasnt a stroke I had a brain scan..I think I am going hypo to hyper sometimes or something...

Thanks for listening..any advice on DH would be great, came on here last year but didnt even read about dh til i have this weird rash thing..


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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Good grief! You sound so ill! First, from my personal experiences and those of my son (and from reading other postings on this forum), I believe that DH can appear on only one side of the body even though what little medical data there is out there states that it must be mirrored on both sides. I get it on both sides of my face and neck but only on the sole of one foot. My son gets it in the identical areas.

I'm not a doctor, but many of your symptoms sound like thyroiditis (you need thyroid supplements). Also, it sounds to me as though you are lacking in magnesium. Have you been tested for hypothyroid and basic nutrient depletion? If you have celiac, you can certainly be suffering from both thyroiditis and depletion of nutrients and hormones. I hope your doctor is doing the proper tests!

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