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Old Bread Maker?

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I got a bread maker for Christmas two years ago. I only made two gluteny loaves of bread in it (I wasn't gluten-free yet). I was wondering if I should replace it or keep using it. I haven't made any gluten-free loaves in it and don't want to waste the mix if the machine is contaminated. There are no creases, folds, or scratches on the inside. I ran the insert through the dishwasher and it looks clean but I know it doesn't really matter how it looks. I don't think the bread touches anything besides the insert that was cleaned. I'm not sure what to do! What do you think?

symptoms-october 5th, 2007

negative endoscopy and colonoscopy-december 2007

positive bloodwork-january 2008

diagnosed celiac-january 8, 2008

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I do not use a bread machine but from what I have read on here, a lot of people end up replacing them. There are so many nicks and crannies in the machine that the gluten can hide. Some people though have mentioned that they did not use the machine that much (like you mentioned) and cleaned it really good. It also depends on your sensitivity level to gluten and how easily you react to it. Some people with a newer machine have also ran a loaf of gluten free bread and given it to others that can eat gluten.

It is really up to you though.

I make my bread in the oven. Quick and easy and not that much clean up. Takes about 30 minutes to rise then in the oven for about 30 minutes and done.

I am sure others will post comments....

Good Luck with your decision.


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