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I know they are not widely accepted by the medical community yet (even though I think they are definately on the right track) so I doubt they would order them unless you find a doctor who is supportive of Enterolabs. I don't know about insurance paying because I haven't had one done. Good luck :D


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Guest barbara3675

If I am not mistaken, there were a few that said that their insurance did pay for Enterolab, but not very many. They would be wise to, though, because the sooner that their patient nails down the fact that they need to eat gluten-free, the sooner they will be healthy and need to go to the doctor less. There was a thread as recent as yesterday dealing with Enterolab and the concensus is that Dr. Fine and his procendures are ahead of their time. The mainstream medical community will catch up with them eventually. It is beginning to be thought that testing by stool is much more sensitive than blood, which by the way is only 80% correct anyway. I would never have known that I carried the gene had I not had the full screening through Enterolab. It was worth every penny, which I paid myself.


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I'm curious - how long did it take for you to get your results? Any of you? I keep checking my email... I sent my kit in on the 8th of March and figure with the three weeks they said to wait to contact them, that would be the 30th of March. So I have a week left of waiting.

Just wondering, do they take a while (I read I think that Dr. Fine does all the testing????) or is it possible my spam filter has gotten my email?

Thanks -


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I had the complete panel from EnteroLab, and my insurance paid for everything except the gene testing. I did not have a doctor order the test. I have posted on here my experience with the other GI doctors that have accepted EnteroLab's test results. I feel very comfortable with my results from EnteroLab and would recommend Dr. Fine to anyone. My first GI told me that EnteroLab's test method were much more advanced then the blood test and the biopsy. My blood tests were negative and my biopsy showed patchy damage, but the pathologist reported that it was inconclusive.

I agree with Barbara, I would have paid for the tests myself, if my insurance would not have paid.

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Enterolab gives you the codes to submit to insurance after you pay. You have to order with a credit card first, so it would be a matter of getting it reimbursed. If you want I can give you those codes if you want to call your insurance and try to get it covered. My insurance doesn't cover it, but it count toward our out of pocket I guess, which is something. I also believe that it is a tax deduction if you itemize. Not sure tho. What I am saying is that it is well worth the cost.

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