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Guest 1964jackie

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Guest 1964jackie

Hi Everyone

I am very new to Celiac Disease, my 14 yearl old has been diagnosed with Celiac so I have lots of questions , she has had 3 Celiac blood panels 2 have come back positive and we are waiting on the third test . She is going for her endoscopic scope on April 12 . She has lost 59 pounds to date ,her hair has stopped growing and has lost its shine and she is having a lot of hair falling out too, the G.I. doctor said it is due to Celiac so he has put her on a Gluten Free Vitamin ,he does'nt want to change how she eats until the scope is done so it wont mess up the results,but she cant eat anything without severe stomach pain .I need some info about some Gluten free foods ,especially if you have found a product you really like and would recommend, I need all the help I can get in this area so before I go to purchase gluten free food having some opinions on some of the products would be helpful ? Does anyone have a favorite brand of pasta? What about rice noodles will I be able to find them in a Wild Oats Market? What about pizza ? I hear Amys brand is the best and baking flours and mixes I would love to hear some opinions on that too. I am hoping by getting a lot of info on what a lot of people like will save me from buying a lot of stuff that will wind up in the Garbage .I do know how expensive gluten free food is. I think that our local kroger has some gluten free items so other than Wild oats I really dont know of any other places locally, so I am looking for reputable internet companies I figure there are probably a lot of Celiac patients buy gluten free food this way so any help in this area will also be greatly appreciated. Just in a matter of days I have found out there are lots of good sites to help Celiacs so its good to know we are not alone there are plenty of people out here to help us through this and we are thankful for that. Thanks in advance for your help Jackie

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):


This provides a safe and forbidden list of foods for celiacs. Gluten can be hidden under alot of ingredients so the forbidden list will help as a guideline while you learn the ropes. Amy's brand pizza is a good brand that we eat alot. Also Amy's mac and cheese just tastes like normal mac and cheese and is loaded with calories:)

These are some brands that unless you see wheat, rye, barley, or oats on the label then they are safe. Richard(lovegrov) provided this list in another post a while back.

Aunt Nelly's


Baskin Robbins

Ben & Jerry

Betty Crocker

Blue Bunny



Cascadian Farms

Celestial Seasonings

Country Crock


General Mills

Good Humor

Green Giant

Haagen Daz




Hungry Jack



Kozy Shack




Martha White




Old El Paso






Russell Stover

Seneca Foods



Sunny Delight

T Marzetti






When her body starts to heal when going gluten free her symptoms will start going away with time. It took me 3 months to feel a difference and then a few more months to feel completely normal. For some people that is quicker and for some longer. I also lost weight with celiac but not that much. If you need help on foods to gain weight let me know.Ensure Plus is good for that too and it has good nutritional content. It is gluten free and tastes very good chilled my fav kind is Butter Pecan.

Also if there is not alot of damage to your daughters intestines then the biopsy will come back negative but that does not mean she does not have it. I didn't have a biopsy to diagnose me because the blood tests and symptoms were proof enough for me and my doctor. Good luck and if you need anything let me know :D

Foods by George has some great english muffins that come in plain and cinnamon and the are delicious toasted..I have them just about every morning for breakfast.

Kinnikinnick has not only good bread but they offer things such as donuts that taste awesome.

There are alot of good gluten free things, if a matter of learning what you can and can't have...it gets easier.

Also...as I tell almost everyone...get a good probiotic, enzymes, and liquid vitamins

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Tinkyada rice noodles are my personal favorite, you can get pizza crusts from Sterks Bakery in Ontario Canada

http://www.gluten free.com/glu/showdetl.cfm..._ID=231&CATID=1,

Glutino makes pizza shells and premade pizza's, Kinnikinick also make pizza shells.

My favorite breads are Sterks and Kinnikinick. I find all this stuff in my local grocery store or in health food stores

With these products you can essentially make anything you normally would just gluten free!

The other night I made gluten-free toasted tuna sandwich's. They were so good, I couldn't tell the difference. I mixed Kraft mayonnaise with one can of tuna, celery, salt, and pepper and placed it on toasted Kinnikinick bread! ummmmmm! :P

melted chedder would have been nice too but I'm lactose intolerant.

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Guest taweavmo3

Be prepared to be overwhelmed at first! We are new to this too, my 3 year old was diagnosed about three weeks ago. I am in the process of putting together a notebook that I can take to the grocery store with me. Going grocery shopping is really hard for me right now, it takes forever and I always seem to spend so much.

I have realized that organization is the key to this diet.....it takes very thoughtful meal planning and detailed shopping lists. We have not all gone gluten free, but I always try to make a gluten free dinner that we can all eat. I have a big basket in the pantry with all the gluten free food. I also bought some labels, and I will put a big fat pink label on all the big stuff that is gluten free. I'm hoping this will help me feel more together and less overwhelmed.

For pasta...TINKYADA! Alot of people recommended that brand, and we just tried it yesterday. It is made with brown rice, and is by far closest to the real thing. I've tried corn and white rice pasta, and didn't like either of those. They were too mushy and had a funky taste.

I didn't realize how much pasta we ate at dinner until we started this diet for my daughter. Now that we aren't eating nearly as many carbs at dinner time, my husband has lost close to 10 pounds without even trying. I have found that overall, this is really just a healhier way of eating. It is just taking some getting used to....it really is lifestyle change!

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I would like to say welcome to the board, it is a very friendly place and you will find great resources. Wild Oats has a gluten free product listing, I found it in the Andover one is MA. They sell so much gluten free food, It is really the best place to but ?

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Guest ajlauer


That's so funny!! I have a box with my daughter's name on it, with all her special foods inside. I also printed up labels that said CORN, EGGS, WHEAT, and such.... to help out during her food challenge. We think alike. You must be genius too. ;)

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