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Sugar Levels And Gluten

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Since I had gestational diabetes 2.5 years ago, following a small portion and calculated meals has become part of my routine.

I've been (very randomly) checking glucose since then and sadly it has been on the way higher side of "normal"

like 100-105 fasting and 120 Post prandial.

2 weeks ago I shifted to a gluten free diet.

I know Ravenwood had her pre-diabetes resolved with going gluten free.

I don't know if this is coincidence or not but a few post prandial checks have shown a slight decrease in my sugar levels..

like it was 121 1 hr 45 min after food and then 95 around 2 hrs 10 min after the meal

Coming from south asia my gluten diet was a cup of lentil, vegetable, a cup of plain yogurt and 2 wheat tortillas.

I replaced the wheat tortillas with sorghum flour tortillas.

Anyone else with such an observation ?

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Since my current DX, I have observed what appears to be the reverse, that ingested allergens increased my BG. Some folks find that their issues resolve on the gluten-free diet and others don't. It seems that there is an autoimmune component to the diabetes for some and the immune system attacks the pancreas, maybe gluten or something else is the original trigger, it is not yet known and may vary according to the individual. It is wise of you to keep an eye on it like you are. I wish I had(I had gestational 10 years ago). Don't hesitate to go in for updated testing if that would be of help to you at some point. Cutting carbs and switching to slowly digested ones and limiting portions are all definitely very effective in lowering BG and decreasing the demand on the pancreas. I hope that the gluten-free diet does resolve your issues!

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I am glad to see your going on the diet is helping with your BS issues. As you know I noticed a definate corelation between being glutened and having my BS go up out of the range it should be in. Have you ever had your doctor do an A1C? That's a blood test that measures your average BS over a 3 month period. That might be helpful for you also.

I hope you are seeing other positive changes as well.

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