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Dont Know What To Do

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Hi everyone. I'm new here and I wanted to talk to people here because I think I might have celiac disease. I have had various different symptoms all my life but over the last few weeks something has changed. Over the last few weeks I have had strong pains in my stomach.

I dont really know if anyone can help me here but I thought I could at least talk about my symptoms and see what people think. I'm aware that nobody can diagnose me here but I need to talk.

I usually get really strong cramps as soon as I finish eating my breakfast and then I usually have to run to the bathroom where I have an urgent need to pass a movement which varies between diarrarehia and just being soft but its always quite explosive.

I always feel full of gas. I have a very noisey stomach at all times, its actually embarrassing (quiet waiting rooms etc).

About 3 months ago I got this strange itchy burning rash, only on my wrists which were these tiny little blisters that would heal and come back again. I went to the doctor and he just told me I was allergic to something and gave me some cream. He couldnt tell me what I was allergic to. The rash seems to have healed now after using a strong steroid cream.

Then there was something else that caught mt attention, the description of Neuropathy - problems with nervous system not related to the spine. I have chronic pain with the nerves in my neck and my legs are constantly cramped and painful.

I have always suffered from headaches and migraines.

I have suffered from depression.

Another description was dental problems, the enamel just seem to ware away so quickly.

I have also been skinny but I have a pot belly.

So it just seems to me that all these unrelated issues I've been dealing with all my life seem to all come together with celiac disease.

I even got an allergy test done at a health food store a few years ago because I was so sick of my stomach and digestion feeling like there was a storm going on in my insides.

I wanted to ask advice because basically my doctor sucks, he plies you with perscriptions and shoves you out the door. I can imagine how I might find it quite difficult to convince him that I'm not making this up and that I would like to be taken seriously. Does anyone have any advice on how I can adress my concern with a doctor whos too busy to listen?

Any advice greatly appreciated. (sorry about the long post).

Conec - Ireland - age 30

Anyway thanks for reading.

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Go gluten free and find a new doctor. I doubt there's a way to convince the doctor unless he's open minded enough to do some research about celiac disease.

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I would go both gluten and dairy free. Go back to a safe diet of whole inprocessed foods. rice, corn, veggies and fruits, meat (plain or with little seasonings like salt and pepper). Everyone will recommend this as a good idea. you can see how much better you feel and then after a few months (it will take time and patience) you may start adding things in one at a time to see what the problem is.

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