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Understanding Test Results

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I have just recieved yet another panel of blood work back from GI dr and am not sure on the meaning. Let me first say I have as of now had all available blood work for celiac possible and everything is negative. My GI did one last panel he said specfic for celiac as one last resort before the endo.

Tested for

S. Cerevisiae Ab, IgA . S result was 58.0

0.0-20.0 negative

20.1-24.9 Equivocal

25.0-34.9 weakly postitve

with >=35.0 positive

So you can see this was positive

with S. Cerevisiae Ab,IgG, S result was 16.1

with the same range of results as above. So this was negative.

Can anyone help me understand this result , I would say this is a positive result but for what I am not sure, my Dr said no rush to see him and I can't get an appointment until December. I have been gluten free since June and feel 100% better and look better also gained a bit of weight so I am thriving. Would this test result say I do have celiac or something else. Can someone please offer a bit of advice as I finally got a positive result and don't know what to make of it....Thanks in advance.


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If you are gluten free already your test results will be a false negative. You need to be on a full gluten diet for either the endo or blood work to have any chance of coming up positive. To be diagnosed at this point you need a 6 week to 3 month gluten challenge. IMHO if the diet is working and you feel great you should think long and hard before doing a challenge. It can be a very painful experience after we have been gluten free. Your body seems to have already give you the answer anyway. Also there is no point to doing the endoscopy now that you are gluten-free without a challenge. It will come back negative. If you are still having problems then that would be a reason for the endo but it will NOT diagnose celiac at this point.

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Thank you for your post it is greatly appreciated.

I was still on gluten full force when I had all the other blood work done back in april and results were negative but I decided to give it up as a last resort. I followed a SCD and it helped so much so yes my answer is I have gluten issues and feel better without it. My Dr did this last blood work just to rule it out for sure and I decided not to have the endo at all. Now that the results have come back positive for the IgA now I am concerned that I should have it done. Does this say yes it is celiac or is this test just that there is some inflammation going on in there somewhere? I am not really sure what this test is as I don't see this one mentioned too often here on the boards....Confused.

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