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Lactose Test? Absorption Vs. Genetic Marking Test

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I have posted many times and it seems I may Lactose intolerant. I did the 10 days Dairy free diet from www.Godairyfree.org. PLus I have be gluten-free for a month. Today is day 11 and I am suppose to go back to dairy. Well I did this morning with coffee and milk, and to see what happens, I ate some american cheese. OH BOY, my stomach is dancing and if I wanted I could go to the bathroom at any moment(I have learned to hold or control through all this). Basically Mr Dr screwed up my tests many times and I scheduled blood work and they never did it, then they did it and lost it! Finally two months ago they did it and they said I was not LI. I finally asked what kind of test they did. He said it was a genetic Marker test. I demanded an absorption test. Will this be more accurate, or will I be wasting my time. Their is clearly an issue. But like many of us, I would love for the Dr to actually give me a diagnosis.

Thanks in Advance

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I can't give you much info, I never did an official doctor test for lactose intolerance. I think I read about a test called a hydrogen breath test a while back. I have plenty of symptoms of lactose intolerance, so I don't need a doctor to tell me about it. It's not like there is anything they can do about it after all.

You might also have casein intolerance in addition to lactose intolerance. I am not sure if there is a test for that one or not. There is a thing called casein mediated enteropathy also, that can damage the villi like celiac does.

And then, worst of all, there are those nasty ice cream headaches. Is it really worth the risk? :)

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