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Looking For Grapeseed Oil

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I live in a smaller town so not too many stores to pick from.

Has anyone tired and or know if the following are gluten free or how well they work for cooking/baking?

Grapeseed Oil that I could find in town:

La Tourangelle


I am thinking about ordering online or waiting about 2 more weeks till I will be in CA visiting family to get Spectrum Grapeseed Oil.

Any input on what brand you use is greatly appreciated.

Thanks =)

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I went by the last place that I could get Grapeseed Oil from in town on the way back to work and they carry:

Napa Valley Naturals


Has anyone used this before?


Edit: I just got my copy of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam and am excited to try it out this weekend. I guess I can just use Butter instead (since Grapeseed Oil is what she is replacing butter wtih)


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I don't know about the specific brand you posted but I use grapseed oil in baking and in other stuff (like as part of a chicken salad recipe). It has a neutral taste so it's good for baking. Works good, you just need to use less than you would butter. Also, I'm not sure about gluten-free baking as I started using the oil over the summer having to go dairy free but I just started gluten-free this week and baking is least of my worries right now! :) Oh by the way, I found my grapeseed at Meijer's.

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