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Foul Smelling Stools

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Not sure if anyone knows what this is. on occasion I experience thin stools that either sink or float, but they always have a very distinct odor (kinda rancid and sulfur like). I used to associate this with gluten ingestion, but now i'm not so sure. I had them again this morning and cant remember the last time before this. only thing i ate that was different yesterday was cranberry tea, some steamed beets and added some cinnamon to my sweet potatoes (both these ingredients are gluten free); i also took some oregano oil since im trying to get rid of a parasite but im also on medication (alinia) to treat that; the med is gluten free. Has anyone experienced this as a symptom without having gluten?


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Being gluten free does not guarantee perfect stool all the time. There will be times when there is no apparent cause for an intestinal upset. That said, I found out you do have to check herbal teas; I found some gluten in a Celestial Seasonings tea (before I tried it). :rolleyes:

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