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Your Experiences With Oral Nizoral?

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I've just been prescribed 200mg nizoral (the antifungal) for four weeks to treat various chronic yeast infections, mostly on my skin -- but I'm fairly sure with all my gut problems, that I've got systemic candida issues.

I have been on anti-candida diet for a long time. Also gluten-free, no corn, potatoes, or dairy either. Have also been through many courses of various anti-candida supplements.

I'm nervous about taking Nizoral because of the potential for liver toxicity and the precariousness of my current decent health. While I feel it might help, I'm also afraid it might cause a setback.

My question is: what has been other people's experience with nizoral orally?

1. Did you tolerate it or have lots of side effects?

2. Did it address your yeast symptoms or did they recur very soon after stopping medication?

3. Did you experience any improvement in your gut-related symptoms?

Thanks so much!

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I have no experience with Nizoral, but I just had a case of oral thrush and ended up taking Nystatin suspension fluid four times per day. It knocked it out perfectly within a week and a half with no side effects. I was pleased with the outcome.

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