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Update On Biopsy...

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So I went back to the Derm. today to get my FOURTH biopsy results for this DH like rash. Normal tissue sample came back as, shocker, normal tissue. Sample taken from lesion came back as eczema. But then the doctor noticed that it didn't specifically say that immunoflourescence was used on the samples to test for DH. So she calls the pathology lab to check and make sure. Sure enough, they had no idea what she was talking about, no immmunfl. was used, which means that they didn't test for DH after all.

Beyond frustrating!! This is my FOURTH biopsy! At this point, I've been gluten free for about a week and a half. She asked if I wanted to do another biopsy with immunofl. this time. I said sure, but now I"m worried that it will show a false negative since I've been gluten-free for more than a week. But then, we figured that since DH takes SO long to heal because the IgA deposits take SO long to leave the skin, that there was a good chance that there were still deposits in my skin that would show up in testing. So we took new biopsies from the normal skin adjacent to the worst lesions on my buttocks. Hopefully, this biopsy will be done correctly and give me a result I can put some confidence in. My poor bum, though, is not so happy. 3 of the 4 biopsies have been taken from that area, and it's just a mess anyway with the rash. Ugh!

I have to report, however, that since going gluten-free last Monday, the rash on the back of my neck, my shoulders, and two places on my legs have completely healed up. Still scarring there, which I guess will take a long time to fade. The areas on my lower legs that were really, really bad have begun to heal. No new blisters have developed, and the old ones are healing, leaving purplish scars. My bum is still as bad as ever. I noticed that the rash areas that emerged most RECENTLY are the ones that are healing FIRST. My bum was the first rash area, so I expect it to heal last. Anyone else experience this healing pattern?

I find out the results of this last biopsy next week. Here's hoping!

Michelle in TN

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I believe it, and am not going to another MD that is not totally familiar with DH and celiac.

My healing has stopped, but I got glutened at least once last week, and probably 3 times.

I am glad you are healing fast. Maybe mine is not DH, but it sure flares like it and looks like it. I feel better trying to be gluten-free My bum is the worst place along with back of calves, stomach and 3 places on each arm. Scalp is still better

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