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Brewer's Diet?

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I just found out that I am pregnant! I am so excited. Yay. We have been either trying or else trying to figure out how to try for about 6 years now (ironically, the infertility issues have been on hubby's side, not anything to do with Celiac).

Anyway, I am thinking about trying to follow Dr. Brewer's pregnancy diet. It shouldn't be too hard since it's a relatively high-protein diet and most of the suggested foods are naturally gluten-free. The hardest part I can see is how to get 5 servings of whole grains in every day. It would be pretty simple if I could just take a granola bar in my purse as a snack, but my version of a "granola bar" is usually a Trio or an Eat Natural bar -- they contain a little whole grain but not very much as they're mostly nuts.

Right now the grain I do eat are mostly whole grain, but I only get maybe a serving or two in per day. I try to get most of my fiber from nuts and beans instead.

I do OK with oats but for safety sake I only eat gluten-free oats. Does anybody know of a gluten-free granola bar that is actually granola (oats, quinoa, other whole grains). Or maybe a good way to make a granola bar at home? I have a vacuum-sealing machine thingy (FoodSaver) so I could theoretically make up a batch and vacuum pack them for tossing in my purse.

Does anybody know how much whole grain is in Rice or Corn Chex? A bowl of cereal would be great but I don't know of too many "true" whole grain cereals that are gluten-free. How are the Envirokids cereals for whole grain?

Clearly I need to talk to my midwife, too, but I was hoping someone here might have some ideas.

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