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Need Bread Machine Recipes!

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Hi all,

Just got a new Cuisinart bread machine. I mad the Gluten Free Pantry White bread and it came out GREAT. The loaf was yummy and did NOT collapse when I remove it from the pan. (A problem we struggled with in the past).

Looking for some more recipes.

Do you have a bread machine? What's your favorite recipe?

I'd love to find an Oatmeal bread recipe...



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Glad to see someone likes the gluten free pantry bread - I just bought it tonight, with much trepidation. I too just got a machine, so I'll be anxious to see the replies!

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Hi, this is one of my favorite bread recipes for bread machine:

Gluten-free French bread


350 ml water

5 gr salt

20 gr butter (I always substitute it with veg. oil)

20 gr honey

350 gr "Schar" bread flour mixture

1 package active dry yeast (the yeast that is already in the box with the flour)

Pour the water into your bread machine. Add the butter (oil). Drop honey in the left corner of the bread machine. Add salt in the right corner. Add flour. Make a small well in the center of the flour and add in the yeast. Salt and honey (sugar) should never touch the yeast because they can burn it.

Once you did that, turn on your bread machine to the "gluten-free" program and wait for your bread.

This bread is soft and lightly sweet in taste. If you want you can cut the honey in half and add some more salt.

Tuscan Olive Bread


350 ml water

10 gr sugar

20 ml extra virgin olive oil

300 gr "Schar" bread flour mixture

50 gr soy or chickpea flour (this makes the bread soft)

1 package active dry yeast (the one that is already in the box with the flour)

50 gr sun dried tomatoes, chopped

50 gr black olives, chopped

Pour in your bread maker the first 6 ingredients as they are writen in the recipe. Turn on your bread machine to "gluten-free" program. Allow it to finish kneading. Turn off for a second, open and add the tomatoes and the olives (My bread machine had an allarm for this so I don't have to turn it off), then turn it on again to "gluten-free" program. And wait for you bread:):)

These two recipes are from the Schar's recipe collection magazine wich I recive every month.

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