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NE Mom

Flour Mix-center Of Cookies Won't Bake Completely

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I must have been distracted last time I mixed my flours. I've made pancakes and cookies with the batch and neither one have turned out. The center of the cookies will not cook completely (I left them in the oven for as long as 12 minutes-too brown)

I used Carol Fenster's mix of 1 1/2 Sorghum, 1 1/2 potato starch & 1 cup tapioca. Do you think it could be to much starch and not enough sorghum? I'm assuming maybe I didn't get 1 1/2 cups in the mix because it has worked perfectly in the past.


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That has happened to me, too. I have now started to use a whisk to mix the flours when I make the blend, which has helped. But, sometimes I have to bake stuff longer than she says in the cookbook.

I love her stuff, and I have the 1,000 Recipes, but there's stuff in there that's just wacky. Like in her Fresh Figs with Honey and Goat Cheese, her recipe calls for parmiggiano reggiano, and no goat cheese. :huh: Soooo, could be that something was overlooked and the cooking time needs to be adjusted. The flour blend is still my favorite, though. I made the focaccia bread this weekend for my family, and my aunt requested that I make it the next night, too!! :D

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