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New To Gluten Free...Need Help

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Hi everyone,

My daughter was recently put on a gluten free diet. She was exposed to gluten on Friday. Today is Wednesday. Could she still be having symptoms from gluten exposure. On Saturday she had a terrible tummy ache, and was quick to be in tears. Today, she is still very sensitive. She is five, but I'm wondering if anyone has any kids who become overly sensitive when they are exposed to gluten. Or is it because she is five. Or maybe both.

Thank you!

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Yes she still could be having issues with being exposed to gluten. I would try to keep her away from gluten in any form. If may be you find out that she is one of the super sensitive celiac people. everyone reacts different & the lasting effects vary greatly as well.....



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Welcome to the world of kiddos with Celiacs. I also have a 5 yr old celiac. She's had Celiacs for 3 yrs. She is Gluten free/casein free. She reacts differently to dairy than wheat. At least that is what we think. The only time she had a bad wheat reaction it involved vomiting and diahrea for a solid week - very scary for everyone. Off to the gastro which was a waste of money. And yes, durign that week she was attached to me constantly, cried often, lethargic, miserable, upset, etc. As you have heard everyone seems to react differently. Watch your child and try to notice what her reactiosn are like, how long they last, and what to expect.

Here is what happens to my 5 yr old. A typical mild reaction to cross contamination with wheat or dairy or a reaction to trace amounts of dairy usually last for 1 to 2 weeks. The first week is the worst. My bubbly happy child turns miserable. Peeing while sleeping happens quite a bit during reactions So much that I pack extra clothes in the car and at school when she is having a reaction. Crying over something she would never have even been upset about on a normal day. Extremely irritable. Rashes on feet and legs. Extremely clingy. Sleepy. Have I mentioned HYPER! I timed her once unable to stop talking or sit still for one solid minute over a four hour time period! Needless to say, although your child is hurting, you'll need a way to find patience because it is difficult for everyone. (I also tell the teachers when I think she is having a reaction, so they know why she is haivng a hard time at school.

For myself, when I have a reaction I notice extreme irritable moods, skin sensitivity, along with all the abdominal pain. It also takes the better part of a week or two before I start feeling decent again.

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