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Hello. I am new to Celiac/Gluten sensitivity. I became very ill for a year and a half and was given test after test! It wasn't until I told my Doctor that I was developing a rash and trouble breathing after eating that we decided to have a blood test for food allergies. I have many allergies including gluten and wheat. My OBGYN thought that I also had Celiac. My doctor would not do the test as he thought them to be wrong most of the time and hard to do. He also said I would be skinny as a stick, I had gained almost 40 pounds during my 1.5 years of medical tests. He also said I would just have to go gluten free any way. So I have not been diagnosed with Celiac. I have been really good at keeping away from gluten but last week I had a reaction I have not had since cutting off gluten. When I looked up these symptoms they seemed to meet the symptoms of a celiac response. (I am still very tired and weak so I am sorry if this information is elsewhere and I have just missed it) I am looking to you for your experience with such reactions in case it happens again. I had intense, 10 on the pain scale, rib pain, light hotheadedness, labored breathing, tiredness, and diarrhea. If anyone has tips to share on what to do if this happens I would love to have them. The ribs hurting was so bad. I'm used to the rest with the other allergies and not having a gull bladder. Is there any use in going to the ER when this happens? Should I insist on the Celiac testing?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!


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Hi, that was a very stupid doctor.

also, only 5% of celiacs are under-weight at diagnosis, as oppsosed to 39% over-weght or obese.

The body lacks nutrients and fatty acids and swithes on a survival mode and grabs lots of things from the food and stacks them up in the body.

I have also heard from people who gained water weight due to severe malabsorption and too little proteins in teh blood.

I lost 20 kg after going gluten-free, and I just could not lose them before.

Of course you should have bene tested, both blood tests and biopsy.

as to your symptoms, I do not know, it is possible. All kinds of symptoms are possible.

You ahve been gluten free now, so the tests are gonna be negative since they test for the antibodies and one glutening does not cause positive tests.

You could go ahead and ask for the blood tests including the IgG type tissue transglutaminase and IgG type antigliadin tests, since they stay high much longer than the IgA versions of those tests. Maybe they are still elevated.

But if they are negative, this does not prove you are not celiac.

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