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Please Help - If I Dont Have Celiac...

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besides a food elimination diet, is there ANY valid test that i can have done to tell whether or not i have food intolerances and what they are? i keep getting hives on my legs only and i always thought it was related to that of gluten but 'apparently' i dont have celiac. years (since toddlerhood) of constipation, and for the past 2 years - the isolated hives, i definitely thought i had celiac. endoscopy was negative and bloodwork was too. but when i didn't ingest wheat after a few months, i actually 'felt' better. however, i would like to really get to the bottom of this once and for all.

any help?

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You have already had a positive response to the elimination of wheat from your diet. That is a scientific diagnostic test. Sometimes you have to take what you can get for help with this or any disorder. You shouldn't have to feel that you need to justify why you can't eat wheat.

It seems to me that Celiac/DH/gluten intolerance have suffered some bad press. Too many people (doctors included) are considering it as a fad diet.

You can try allergy testing. It was very expensive for us. It proved my daughter is not "allergic" to anything. Allergy testing can not prove Celiac/DH.

There is genetic testing for the common genes associated with Celiac/gluten intolerance. It is not as accurate as the 98% they (Prometheus labs)say it is.(Especially if you fall in the 2% miss range.) Human error in handling the blood draw and sample is estimated at a 30% error rate.

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