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Lab Results Interpretation

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Like others who have posted their results, I would like to ask a question on mine.

My GI only tested tTg iga which mine was normal (<2) or negative.

Quantitative serum IgA (again mine was in normal range)

and he did the gene test - forgot the exact name but DQ2 was negative, and DQ8 positive.

Please can anyone tell me whether I should pursue this further? (I would go to a different GI guy). My GI guy reluctantly did the tests saying - your symptoms are all IBS...and brushed me off. I can't stand doctors like that.

I haven't gone gluten free yet; but with one positive gene, do you think my husband and children (all grown) should get tested? My husband is having an upper endoscopy in a few weeks for new onset heartburn (He has same GI guy - great!!) My GI guy said when he scoped me 3 years ago (to rule out an occult GI bleed) he biopsied for celiac and it was negative - I didn't think to ask him HOW MANY samples he took!!

I'm not sure where to go - pursue further labs, or seek another GI doc, and have him/her do endoscopy.

I have the advantage to be located near the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, which has its very own Celiac Center/Unit! I'd probably go there.

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If your present GI thinks he can rule out celiac based on a 3 year old endoscopy then it would be a good idea to find a different doctor. Just because a test was negative 3 years ago does not mean it would be negative today. If you want a doctor derived diagnosis do keep eating gluten and go to someone else. After all testing is done do give the family a good strict try on the diet no matter what the test results. Sometimes the body can clearly tell us what tests cannot.

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