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My Sisters Infertility

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My sister has been trying to have a baby for over 12 years...It is unexplained infertility, her husband and her have been tested for everything and it is all normal. They have tried invitro three times and none of them took. (She did have good eggs and everything was perfect-then she would either have an early miscarriage or not get preggers)

I have five children-with no problems--however after my last baby things went to heck.. I was negative for celiac (blood tests only) but do have a wheat allergy and gluten intolerance. Huge difference for me on the diet...

My sister does have hypothyroidism, and about 10 years ago she had a rash on her butt, that would hurt really bad and blister (like DH-I think) she still gets the rash but she puts whatever her dr told her to put on it and it seems to get better (was never diagnosed)

I keep telling her to try the diet, but she doesn't think it will help...Does it sound crazy for her to try it?

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Not crazy at all. Female infertility is associate with celiac disease - particularly early pregnancy loss. No guarantee it will "fix the problem", but there is statistical correlation.

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